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Leak Location Alphard is the leak location division of the engineering company Group Alphard.
Mr. Carl Charpentier is widely recognized as an international expert in electrical leak location. He has written numerous papers on leak location techniques and has presented at industry events across the globe. He is a member of the ASTM’s Committee D35 on Geosynthetics, the governing body responsible for the revision and standardisation of geomembrane technologies and leak location techniques. The schematics used in the ASTM norms were drawn by Mr. Charpentier, allowing for new technicians to easily understand the differences between standardised leak location techniques.
Mr. Charpentier’s started his leak location career 2001 as a technician, applying his university background in electronics to the development and maintenance of leak location equipment. He was soon asked to perform electrical leak location surveys to test new devices that he had developed himself, and he has continued innovating and improving on these devices every year for the last 20 years.
A key aspect of Mr. Charpentier’s expertise is his experience of a leak location in a wide variety of contexts. He has delivered leak location projects on Chilean heap leach pads in over 45 °C and on mining Caps in northern Canada in - 40°C, as well as various projects in the oil and gas, mining, waste disposal and water management sectors.


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